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Live Clean Wash Your Oriental Rugs

Why It's Essential to Professionally Clean Your Oriental Rugs Post-COVID The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our perspective on cleanliness and indoor air quality. Now more than ever, it's important to thoroughly clean your home textiles for health and wellbeing. This includes properly cleaning your valuable Oriental rugs. Oriental rugs trap far more dust, dirt, allergens, and pollutants than other flooring. Even regular vacuuming only removes surface-level debris. Deep professional cleaning is required to sanitize rugs and revitalize their appearance. Prolonged periods at home have increased foot traffic and wear on rugs. Stains may have set in unnoticed. Pets may have left odors or soiled carpets. Germs and allergens likely accumulated with limited ventilation. Professional rug cleaning eliminates these impurities that impact air quality and health: - Deep cleans layers of embedded dirt vacuums miss - Removes dander, dust mites, pollen, and other allergens - Kills bacteria, viruses, and microbes using sanitizing solutions - Lifts stains and eliminates odors completely - Extends rug life by preventing deterioration Cleaning experts take precautions to safely handle your Oriental rug investment and protect its quality construction. With specialized equipment, non-toxic solutions, and meticulous techniques, they deep clean without damage. Breathe easier and live cleaner for better health and wellness by scheduling professional rug cleaning service today. Your Oriental treasures will emerge revitalized, sanitized, and better than ever.

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